OCI writes and supports the case – you get paid!

As your partner, we are here to help you own the entire insurance relationship with your customer.

Benefits to you:

  • Increase customer loyalty.  Supporting your client across all of their insurance needs lets them know you’ve got their back.
  • Grow your bottom line.  Focus on what you do best, establishing and growing customer relationships.
  • Retain your client. Prevent them from going down the street to another agent.

Three Simple Steps:

Refer your client. You own the customer relationship.  OCI is your partner in business and will reach out to your client on your behalf as your benefits partner.
We do the work. OCI will make the sale as your identified partner, help your client enroll in the best-suited plan, service, and support the policy. Stay informed of your referrals through your OCI online account.
You get paid!  
All service and support of the policy after issuance will be administered by OCI and there will be no further requirements on your agency. In return, you will receive a percentage of all agent commission on the policies sold for the life of the client relationship.

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