Whether you’ve already ventured into the world of social networking or you’re experimenting with it, we’ve got some tips to help you get started writing and promoting your services. Let’s begin with a common question:

Why is social media marketing important?

Consider these benefits:

  • It increases online awareness of your business and gets your name in front of more people without a huge advertising budget.
  • It boosts your search engine rankings which drives more visitors to your website and services.
  • It provides clients with what they want – additional avenues for customer service and feedback.
  • It allows additional opportunities for you to grow relationships with your clients which aids in retention.

Which platform should I use?

Here’s a few of the top social media sites and how they can help you. Start with 1 or 2 and then keep expanding:


It’s the most widely used platform in the U.S so if you don’t have a company page you are missing out on connecting with clients. 59% of Americans with social media accounts think customer service through social media has made it easier to get questions answered.  Other benefits: Community building with your target audience, the ability to humanize your brand, and advertising options to promote your posts and reach potential clients by demographic or location.


Twitter offers businesses a more immediate way (140 characters or less) to interact with clients. 66 percent of Twitter users have discovered a new small or medium business on Twitter with 94 percent planning to purchase from the SMBs they follow. Communicate via direct messaging, photos, polls, promoted tweets and keyword identifiers known as hashtags. You can also search for specific hashtags to see what’s trending in your industry.


YouTube continues to grow in popularity with 1 billion monthly visits according to recent stats. Nothing quite conveys a message like the power of video. Set up a channel and record weekly or monthly podcasts on various insurance-related topics. These videos can then be shared to your other social media platforms for easy cross-promotion.


Linkedin is a great way to promote yourself as an authority in your industry. Maintain your professional profile and check out Groups related to your field where you can learn from others and share your expertise. You can also write articles to help strengthen your brand and attract client discussion. Get started: How To Write A LinkedIn Article If You’re Not A Writer (And Still Sound Credible)


Insurance may not be the most visual subject, but consider ways that you can get creative here. Show photos of happy clients as a unique take on testimonials. Or snap fun photos in your office to give a personal touch to your business.

Writing content for social media 

Not sure what to write? Here’s how to get started.

  • Be authentic and talk to your customer as you would a friend. Don’t use social media to sell to them or use industry jargon. Instead, provide them with information that adds value to their daily life. Feel free to share news articles you think your clients might enjoy. 71% of consumers trust useful information that doesn’t try to sell them something.
  • Use the 411 rule for posting to social media. 4 educational pieces of content, 1 soft promotion like a webinar or event, and 1 hard promotion like a product sheet.
  • Stuck on what to write about? Make a list of your priority topics. Look at industry trends and discuss them. Check what your competitors are writing about and take a different angle. Find experts in your office or community to write about a specific topic.
  • Get visual! Posts with high-quality images always perform better and lead to clicks on your content. Use a free stock site like pexels.com to avoid any copyright issues.
  • Aim to keep your updates on a consistent schedule. Use an editorial calendar to stay organized and on track. Here’s a handy template to get started.


Last words of advice

Be patient! Developing a social media presence takes time and effort, but the benefits will be ongoing for your agency and there’s no time like the present to start growing your online audience.

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