Project Description

We are compliant with all HIPAA regulations so you can be sure your data and client information is safe with us. We utilize the most secure technology and have an on-site IT support team.



The Outer Layer 

  • Zixscorp Email. We use Zixscorp for outbound email that needs to send securely. The reason we use Zixscorp is because unlike other “secure email” they use a username, password combination over a SSL certificate to verify the receiver’s credibility. For the receiver to access the email, the receiver first receives an email with a link to Zixscorp that takes them to a login screen and upon verification they can access the information. In addition, our agents can login to their Zixscorp account and send a secure email to anyone that may or may not have a way of getting that information securely. 
  • Secure connections. We use SSL Certificates on all our websites and connections. SSL is a cryptographic protocol used to ensure security over a public network. 
  • Spam filter. Red I Tech provides us with a spam filter on all our inbound emails to ensure that a virus is not sent to our mailboxes. They also give us a way to monitor what emails are re-routed to the filter. We maintain a log of these emails to prevent legitimate messages being caught in the spam filter. 
  • Strong firewall. We use pfSense as a router and firewall in our office to box block anything that may try to force its way in. We also block anything that comes from outside of the U.S. 


The Inner Layer

  • Encryption. We encrypt all data in our office.
  • Authentication. Authentication is used on every computer, printer, wireless access point in our office.
  • Offsite Backups. Secure Offsite backups of our data ensure that if something were to happen to our office our data is not lost.
  • Battery Backup. Battery back ups on servers ensure data integrity even when the power goes out.
  • Secure server room. Access control is in place for server hardware. All equipment is contained in a locked room with access only allowed to key staff members.
  • Continual monitoring. We work to keep improving our security every day.