Compensation Disclosure Resources

Compliance Made Simple

OCI is working closely with the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) advocating for our industry in hopes of aiding in the shaping of regulations and clarifying “unknowns” for agents.  We aim to keep you informed of the latest information regarding agent compensation disclosure as it becomes available.  We’ve put together this page to host a variety of resources for you.

Transparency Disclosure Template

We have created our own disclosure template for agents to use while we wait for further regulatory guidance.  We recommend you use our exclusive OCI Agent Compensation Disclosure Template as a best-faith effort to comply with the law in the absence of regulatory guidance.

Reference Guides

Utilize our menu of services reference guide for a list of common services you may be providing to your client and include the services you provide on your disclosure template form.  We’ve also put together a consolidated commission reference guide for quick access to standard compensation for each carrier and product line.

We will host your disclosure documentation in your OCI Account for future reference if needed.

Commonly Asked Questions

Access most commonly asked questions and answers HERE.​