A network of insurance professionals

OCI represents its agents and brokers at the local, state and national levels because we believe it is vitalย that they have a strong voice in the insurance and financial services industry. Members of NAIFA and NAHU are shaping the future of our industry and playing an active role in their business development. If you are not currently a member of NAIFA or NAHU consider some of the many benefits including a massive online library of resources for professional development, networking opportunities and political advocacy. Click the logos below to learn more or become a member.

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Member Benefits

  • -Networking opportunities
  • -Professional development/Continuing education
  • -Dedicated group/resources for early career agents and brokers
  • -Political advocacy at state and federal levels
  • -Online library of tools and resources
  • -Leadership resources
  • -Special discounts

Meet the NAIFA/NAHU leaders at OCI:

Chuck Olson, OCI CEO
Chuck Olson, OCI CEONational NAIFA Board of Trustees
Charles Olson II, OCI President
Charles Olson II, OCI PresidentNAIFA-Nebraska President-Elect
Nate Olson, OCI Senior Vice President
Nate Olson, OCI Senior Vice PresidentNAIFA-Omaha Board of Directors
Paul Scholz, OCI Senior Vice President of Sales
Paul Scholz, OCI Senior Vice President of SalesNAHU-Omaha Board of Directors