Single Pay Life – Idle Money – Wealth Transfer

Many different names, same concept

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Conversations with your clients is as easy as asking these questions:

  • Do you have CD money? Are you content with the rate of return you are getting on that CD?

  • Do you have money ear marked for kids, grandkids, church, LTC expenses, etc?
  • Do you have cash or liquid assets you are planning to transfer somewhere at death?

1 of 3 things will happen using this concept:

  • Client dies: Increased tax-free benefit

  • Client lives too long: Increased “pool” of money client can access for LTC expenses

  • Client quits: 100% return of premium from day 1

Single Pay Life Resources

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Single Pay Life Example

Ideas for using Single Pay Life.

Sagicor Wealth Care

How you can meet multiple client needs with wealth transfer.

Wealthcare Example

A Wealthcare example for a client aged 71.

Wealthcare Knockout Questions

Verify the proposed insured is eligible for accelewriting by asking them these questions.

  • Agent & Client Information

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Client Health Questions

    If you answer YES to any question the client will not qualify.