Guest blog by Nick Elbert

Recently a life insurance application was submitted by our team to a carrier to issue a new life insurance policy. 60 days later, we received notification from the carrier stating that the medical facility, from which medical records had been requested, had acknowledged receipt of the request but that it would take an additional 30 days to process the records. To which we responded, WHY??? Why in the world would it take 30 days to send APSโ€™s? We submitted applications on this case over 60 days ago, waiting 30 more days would delay the underwriting process to over 90 days. Not Acceptable!

After doing a little research we found out that this particular medical facility had its own โ€œspecial authorizationโ€. Once we had the proper form, we contacted the agent to see if the client would put us down as an authorized representative to get the clientโ€™s medical record. To which the client had absolutely no reservations in doing.

Once the signature was obtained, we decided to drive to the medical facility and see if it was possible to talk face to face to someone in the medical records department. 3 hours later we had the medical records in hand.

Why do we share this story? OCI is not accepting what has been accepted as the norm in our industry. We will go above and beyond to help our agents write more policies, resulting in more insurance being placed on the individuals that need it most. Is this the commitment from your current brokerage? Is it worth waiting to find out? OCI is dedicated to disrupting this market, creating efficiencies and ultimately helping you write more business.