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The Why of OCI: Hungry, Humble, and Smart

Guest blog by Hannah Ries, OCI Vice President of People & Culture About a year ago, the executive team at OCI started to reevaluate the Why behind what we do. We had an in-depth dive into a lot of different ideas from helping protect the general public to increasing our bottom line. While

Do You Have 20/20 Vision?

I am sure that at some point you have had an eye exam and heard the above phrase. Did you realize that less than one-third of the population has this trait? Based on a national survey, nearly 73% of the population has some type of problem with their vision. Imagine if I could help

Is Life Insurance Irrelevant?

With things changing so quickly and new products, services, and technology constantly spinning, is life insurance really something that is still needed? I recently had someone ask me why young people didn't see the need for protection. They stated that life insurance was out of date, stale and only for old people. So how do

Succeeding in Life

Over the last couple months, I have been thinking about all the accomplishments and blessings I have been given. To consider the fact that once abandoned on a street corner as a kid by my mother, spent time in an orphanage and foster care, life has been so very good to me. I want to

To Be Skinny or Not

The administration has released new rules for the short-term policies. We knew this was coming but I was surprised that they will allow renewal for up to three years. These are a fantastic alternative to the expensive plans available through Affordable Care Act. Now that they have been released, the critics are up in arms