Latest News / July 30th, 2018

• New OCI Training Events

OCI is hosting two days of valuable sales coaching and education. Focusing on Extended Care and Annuity Planning, our two guest speakers will show you how to discover new opportunities, anticipate challenges, and increase your revenue. Find out why seniors will line up to learn from you by attending one of the two sessions.

Please RSVP below for the date/location most convenient for you:

Lincoln, NE – August 15th / Venue Restaurant / 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Overland Park, KS – August 16th / Hilton Garden Inn / 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

• Circle of Excellence

There is still time to qualify for OCI’s Circle of Excellence trip to Dubai next spring!  Remember to initiate the life insurance discussion when you’re across the table from your clients.  All Life, LTC, DI, and Annuity sales will earn you credit towards the trip.  One policy could make the difference.  You’re in control.

[View more details about Circle of Excellence]

• Webinar Schedule

We have two more exciting webinars on the calendar.  These are quick, simple concepts you can apply to your practice right away. Please remember all previous webinars are available to view on our Brokerage website.

Thursday, August 2nd, 1:20 PM – 2:20 PM CDT
New LTCi Options for Your Group Clients
Michael Machlovitz, CLTC, LTCP – Director of Sales | National Guardian
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Thursday, September 6th, 1:20 PM – 1:40 PM CDT
Express Permanent Solutions! Your Clients Love GULs,
but Hate the Underwriting Process. We have a Solution! 

Jessica Helms – Brokerage Life Sales Director | Mutual of Omaha
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Webinar Replay: What Is Asset Based LTC & Why Do These Products Represent 80% of the Overall Market for LTC Solutions? (Ken Herlihy – Regional Sales Director | One America)  [CLICK HERE to Watch!]

• Carrier Updates & Sales Ideas

  • Prudential updates Universal Protector with lower rates.
    [View PDF]
  • John Hancock retires three products, introduces Accumulation IUL 18.
    [View PDF]
  • AIG updates Secure Survivor GUL II.
    [View PDF]
  • Global Atlantic launches Lifetime Foundation Elite.
    [View PDF]
  • North American Company: Fixed Index Annuity Portfolio Snapshot.
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Sales Idea

During a policy review, you come across an existing policy that your client purchased many years ago. It has accumulated significant cash value. However, you see that loans have been taken from the policy to pay for the premiums and/or to fund cash withdrawals. Those loans, combined with higher mortality costs, and high loan interest charges have subjected the policy to a potential unintended lapse.

Your client has three courses of action to choose from. What are they and how can this simple policy review help you generate more sales while adding thorough value to your business? OCI’s partnership with Prudential can help you and your clients succeed. [Click here to learn more.]

• New Resources

OCI agents and brokers now have a proprietary client piece available to them.Retirement Reality is a consumer focused, smart content marketing platform that addresses retirement topics designed to appeal to current and potential clients. With fresh articles written to speak to your clients’ needs and issues, Retirement Reality lets you maintain communication with your client/prospect list without directly “selling” life insurance and/or annuity products.

Retirement Reality nurtures your clients/prospects by presenting and explaining insurance concepts such as guaranteed income and the importance of life insurance. Retirement Reality also includes lifestyle articles that will keep your clients/prospects engaged, covering topics like travel, exercise, and recipes.

Visit to check out the content and see what you can use!

• Monday Motivation

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 402-330-8700